NGS's Urban Exploration

Abandoned "Zremb" aka "squat" factory, "Rydygiera" street

Summer 1999, 2001

View from roof

I don't want to know,
what was manufactured here
Still life:
Sexy lady and the tires (2002)
Paint stalactites



Sign says: "Do not replace fuses by wire!"

First big hall

Second big hall


Wall with graffiti


View on the new apartment house near roundabout "Babka" (2002)

Now in offices buildings lives many homeless people.
 Top-right window - one of them probably fall to sleep with burning cigarette

After 3 years there is more debris on the floor,
 and all hall looks much brighter. (2002)

Less glass, more graffiti...(2002)
Almost no glass...(2002)

Trees are bigger and bigger every year (2002)



Roof. In the background:
Daewoo skyscraper & church 
on "Powązki" cementery
Annoucement on the door:
'- after 11PM fuck off
- no dogs allowed
- if police - scream "Open, Police!"
thank you!'

Nice painted garages (2002)
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