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Warsaw: Abandoned photo-chemical factory "Foton"

Late spring 2004

"Foton" buildings (2002)

"Foton" buildings in fog, year 2001, all pipes, chimneys in place, I think factory was still working that year.

"Foton" building now, year 2004, all pipes are removed

Industrial street

Back street

Fire stairs (very unusual in Poland) on white brick building

Industrial street from the other side

View on back street,
 buildings on the right are used as warehouses (or was recently)

Inside all wall are burned, I think by acetyleneblowpipe,
you can smell burned paint mixed with old chemicals in all building

"Laboratory" says sing on dark doors

All above three photos was taken with flash. It was so dark in here,
 without flash I could see ANYTHING, even if is there a room behind doors.

Even with room with windows are very dark, this photo had 5s exposure...

Corridor, again normally I couldn't see a thing (always remember to take flashlights!)
It is not easy to fire flash, walk few meters, fire another flash...
Especially when some floors are missing..

View form 4th floor

Looking south on tram depot "Wola"

The room

In the middle of building,
 view on block of flats on "Skierniewicka" street

Looking west

Looking nort-east on hospital buildings

Tram depot buildings

Last floor, view thru the holes from removed pipes (you can spot three pipes on picture from 2001)

Last floor, mostly burned...

Room on last floor

Blocks of flats on "Skierniewicka" street

It is not easy to take pictures without tripod...

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