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Warsaw: Partially abandoned automatic press factory on "Szczęsna" street.
A trip with WzD

Summer 2004, June 2005

Probably boiler house (2004)

Almost all fences in this factory
 are barb wired (2004)

I decipher it for you:
"Klub młodzieży pracującej przy fabryce pras automatycznych"
(Youth workers club at automatic press factory)

Today many young heavy metal band rehearse here (2004)

On the left - boiler house (2004)

Electric stuff

Hall (2004)

Inside that hall

Not very big

Vodka "Luksusowa" and vodka "Lodowa", this have to be a director desk...


A bucket

Fallen chair

Yellow cat... (2005)

Cat (or maybe lion?), medicine cabinet and a brochure
 of some security company... (2005)

Coffee and cigarettes (2005)

Actually these restrooms was pretty clean and not smelly


Nice corner

2nd floor, newest magazines dated 2001.
Some, like computer magazine "Bajtek"
was from 1986

Another dimension

Inside boiler house

The fridge

On wheels..

On the roof - looking north/west

Looking south/east

South part of factory

The broom, the shovel and the plywood tool for removing snow (2004)

Unexplored buildings on the north

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