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Warsaw: Another "Polam" building close to the "Polfa" factory

July 2005

Fasade. Behind me is "Daszyńskiego" traffic circle.

First floor

Typical room




"Keys to the corridor no 80"

I've got keys, but where are the doors?

Bottom of elevator shaft

Double switch

Curtains with logo "Polam" on it


Evelator shaft

Quality goes to the toilet...
Not filled in "Quality control sheets"

This room has wooden floor

Last floor

Strange barrel from far east

Looking south-west on "Waryński" factory

View from roof on "Polfa" buildings (looking west)

Acetylene bootle

Broken ventilation

Green windows

"Danger! poison"

Lots of glass

Pool and unexplored building in the background.

Bridge connecting two buildings

Inside second building

Last look on "Polfa" buildings

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