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Warsaw: Trainstation & locomotive works "Praga"


(2002) "Praga" train station

(2002) Looking at the last utilized platform
(2002) Waiting room on that platform

(2002) Looking west,
(2002) looking north,
(2002) and south.

(2002) Underpass. Yes, this light is really green

(2002) Homeless people tents

(2002) Locomotive base

(2002) This pipe gangway goes over the whole train station
(2002) Warehouses on west side of train station, on the right FSO factory

(2003) Industrial street in FSO factory, close to the station

(2003) "Praga Północ" train station, far in the background locomotive works

(2003) "Praga Północ" train station panorama

(2003) Car salon

(2003) Above station

(2003) Locomotive works, second building

(2003) Closer look at second building

*Main building, school is on the left, behind trees

Locomotive works

Inside main building


(2003) Pigeon crap inside second building

(2003) Inside main building

(2005) Two diesel locomotives

(2005) Another diesel locomotive

(2005) Heavy equipment

(2005) Panorama

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