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Warsaw: Tram depot "Wola"

Summer 2004

Tour guide

Green light - power off and line grounded.

Resting trams

Power was turned off

Trams roofs

Tram roof

Trams pit

Under. Note the empty beer bottle...

Lots of poplar seeds...

Above me, 2 x 70tons tram

Another hall

Outside, repair hall

Into repair hall

2, 3, 4 chairs

Repair hall, looking in opposite direction

750V DC

Spare parts

It's 11:43am

Happy employee

Breakfast room

Looking south

Looking east


Secret garden?

Repair room

Old tram

Break down car

Yet more break down car

Tram carriages

Spare t-shirt, dream car poster and photo with fish.
What a nice workplace.



More stuff

Dark corridor

Cool red curtains

Old lathe

More cool curtains

Nice corner

750V indicator


Front of repair building


Another old lathe, still in use

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