NGS's Urban Exploration

Warsaw: "URSUS" tractor factory

Spring 2000

Giant halls in the rain

Power plant

Water reservoirs

Abandoned cooler systems for power plant. In the front - roof of control room. In the background cooler vents

I'm on the roof. One Vent is open

Inside - one huge VENTILATOR

Bottom of the coolers are filled with water. There are two buildings like this

Missing part?

Inside that building is water  

Control room - all fuses were stolen

Control room. 200Amps indicators for each of the pump

Don't look down. Millions liters of dirty water below

Office buildings close to the power plant. I heard voices from inside, but I didn't see anyone on all terrain

Close look on power plant


Junk, usefull somehow

I'm inside. It's very dark. A lots of steel junk, ladders, transporters, pipes. I have poor camera, so you cant see how big is that building inside. Remember that everything is working

Naked pipe

Power plant

"North Ursus" train station near factory
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