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Warsaw: "URSUS" tractor factory

Autumn 2004

Entrance. About 300m behind this doors is big mall called "Factory".

First big hall, close to the street

That sheet was hanging from the ceiling for unknown reason

Strange cloth on the wall

Closed doors

The wall

Rubbled pit

Looking north



Evil pig

Creepy blue windows

I see the light!

Looking west

Looking north

Entrance for trains (looking north)

"Division of showers.
In case of fire turn on main valve which is placed in farest part of the room.
Turn on valve to the max in specified burning zone."
I like clean emergency instructions.


Looking east thru windows

West part

Chain for insubordinate employees

Nicely lighten corridor

Curtain clips

Evil tree is coming to get ya

Wire room

Alley and security guy coming to get me

Unaccesible bridge

"Ursus" factory has own street naming system.
This is "Asselemby" street

What a pretty architecture...

Entrance to second hall (north from previous)

That one has nicer facade

No 117


On the left, entrances to offices.

Sign on bricked up wall on the right says: "Assembly control of gear-box C330"

Are you also a big "Europe" fan?
Note the date on calendar from "Przyjaciółka" magazine - 1988

Did I mention big?

2nd floor, offices

Office space

3rd floor, zooming

View for 3rd floor north-east

View north on foundry

View north-east on foundry

Another hall (unexplored), west from previous one


Back entrance


200kg lift

Smeltery 2, entrance A


Into the foundry

Slag building, I think

"Entering with weapons and gas-throwers is prohibited"
Sure thing.

Slag conveyor


Strange concrete tubes on the left

Abandoned foundry

More concrete tubes

Back yard

Blue smog in burned iron foundry. Smelled awefull.

Looking south

Another burned giant hall that smelled like a hell

Broken pipes

Oh, no It escaped!

...and left his favorite toy!

Demolished hall

Foundry, looking west from entrance
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