NGS's Urban Exploration

Warsaw: "Waryński" factory, "Kolejowa" street
A trip with WzD

Summer 2005

Let's go up this time

Missing window

Long white corridor to..

...another white corridor.

Doors open

Medicine cabinet

Office space

Very old vacuum cleaner


Greenish corridor

Another room

Why someone put this chair so close to the wall?
Why someone would stare at wall?

...aaa, now I know.


Boss room

Blueprint of circular saw...

...and almost all bottles filled with vodka.

Contaminated C2H5OH

"Cymes" vodka. This one was empty

This looked like a mirror... and maybe there was, maybe even venice mirror

New standards workbook

Corridor to elevator

Elevator manual

I wonder what is behind that door

Narrow hall

The hall, looking west


The room

West side of hall

Broken wooden cabinets and desks corner
on east side of the hall

The most not interesting hall

February 1990

Wersenian dwusodowy
"Ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid, disodium salt"

PCB with many old TTL IC's.

Another hall

Steel support


Lots of yellow packaging paper

Plastic berries

Blue pillars on second floor

Last floor

Ground floor

Barbwired for unknown reason

Looking up on barbwires

Big window

small window

Looking east on Warsaw centre

Looking west. In the background "Wola" gas-works.

Outside - "Polfa" factory

Ground floor

In the background - PKiN
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