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Unfinished power plant in "Moszna"

Unfinished power plant in "Moszna" (village near "Pruszków") is placed about 15km from Warsaw.
Nobody have money to finish and acually there was no need for power plant in this region.
  Very big chimney (seen from 30km) now is used as aerial mast.

Late summer 2001, autumn 2001

EC "Moszna" - view from artificial lake build for the power plant

Artificial lakev

Power plant in "Moszna" 
"Elektrociepłownia Pruszków II"

Panorama (looking east)

Lets go closer to the chimney

This is the one biggest chimney I've ever seen

...and highest

Inside - elevator and ladder to the top

Steel stuff

Ladders, stairs, catwalks...

...and even more

End of labirynth

Heavy metal

On the top

Looking east

Looking west


North side

Inside. Bottom is dusted and very dark

"It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-and-roll" - AC/DC


You can see through floors all levels below. Funny feeling.


Higher levels are brighter. Everthing is quite new.

Late summer sun gives live to the trusswork

It's a very quiet place. You can hear only squicks of expanding steel in the sun and a trapped pigeon.

Pigeon was in panic, hit few windows, and fall dead to the bottom.
For birds that building is a trap witout exit.

On the right - stairs to the top

More machinery

Highest level. On the left - unfinished elevator shaft

Highest level. Top of the furnace.


Looking south

Looking north

Looking north-east.

Going down

Some equimpent was missing

Bored security guy
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