NGS's Urban Exploration

Unfinished power plant in "Moszna"

Summer 2004

"Moszna" 2004, coal conveyor and many other stuff was removed...

Getting closer. On the right, trafos and dishes used by nearby radio transmitters on the big chimney.

It doesn't look that way 3 years ago

On the roof
Inside. So empty.


...and steel

Control box

My bike in the middle give you proportions of this building...

Looking north-east thru window (well not very clean, as you see)

Looking south-east thru window (also not very clean)

Looking south from the roof

Looking east from the roof. Warsaw in the background.

5x zoom. Now you belive me it is Warsaw?

When I get out of the roof I've scared pigeon...

Damn bastard triggered alarm somehow.

...so I get out main building and get into coal loading building.
I think wagons drive thru building and dump coal into hole.

Into this flooded hole.

Swimming pool from hell.

Crane control booth

Travelling crane

On the left there is entrance to...

...dark room filled with water.
I wasn't brave/stupid enough to walk this catwalk of doom.

Looking west

Looking east. Please notice two booths

Inside booths there was stairs...


Flooded room

Coal problably was transported here

Now completly flooded tunnel

Comfy chair

Stairway to heaven?


Junk no. 12

and yet more junk


Barbwired fence
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